Hubsan H501s Long Range Mod Easy way

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Long range mod for hubsan H501S can easily increase FPV distance to 2000 meters. This mod can do every beginner, cause it’s really a small chance that something can go wrong. I will try in this article show you step by step how to do it.

What do we need :
hubsan h501s long range mod 11

2 x screw driver ( slotted and phillips )

2 x RP-SMA Female To U.FL IPX 1.13

1 x FPV 5.8ghz antenna RP-SMA male

1 x Signal 2.4ghz antenna RP-SMA male

Good quality set ready to install

At first use phillips screw driver and open a remote control

hubsan h501s long range mod 12

Now we see two black cables connected to antennas.

hubsan h501s long range mod 13

And this is a tricky part to disconnect them. Be very gentle and don’t use to much power cause it’s easy to damage the socket ( Do NOT pull the cable cause this is the easiest way to damage a socket or even break an electronic plate , a socket is quite tight so be patient ). To do disconnect cable I am using a slotted screw driver .

Now we can remove old antennas and start drilling holes for new ones. At first try mark a point on the middle, then drill a hole. At the beginning I am using a drill to make a small hole, later I am using a small kitchen knife to enlarge the hole ( just put blade inside the hole and rotate it , for me it’s best way cause I can easy manage how big hole I need.)

When we are done just screw on RP-SMA cable to housing

Now connect cables to mainboard

Close housing , screw on 4 screws and it’s done.

This mod is really easy to mange and it’s worth to try, cause hubsan can easily rich huge- distance 2000meters ( quite impressive for drone at this price )

If you know some other mods or even same as I did please submit it on FPVtv it will help this community growing – Submit Post on FPVtv


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  1. Reply
    2016-04-30 at 16:27

    Hello i have done this mod and now im getting maybe 100-200 meters range the original Antenna was better.
    What type of 5,8ghz antenna should i use? Does it make difference between rhcp or lhcp antennas?
    Greetings from germany

    • Reply Profile photo of PiratFPV
      PiratFPVJunior #2
      Let’s talk about thisWelcome back, cookie for you.Shakespeare
      Exp. 1,093 pts.
      2016-04-30 at 19:52

      Yes, this one is ok.

    • Reply
      2016-04-30 at 18:32
    • Reply Profile photo of PiratFPV
      PiratFPVJunior #2
      Let’s talk about thisWelcome back, cookie for you.Shakespeare
      Exp. 1,093 pts.
      2016-04-30 at 17:02

      Hi there, so at first you have to find good frequency ( in my case best one is 5840mhz , but mostly I have to find new one at some new places ). This should help cause now your FPV receiver is much more sensitives.

      I am using fatshark RHCP antenna and works just great. Don’t use LHCP antenna cause this could be incompatible, most antennas that we can buy on the market are RHCP. I also checked other cheap RHCP FPV antennas and works good enought so no worries, just find best frequency without any distortion / noise.
      Let me know if this help.


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