Gearbest is not a good site. Do not shop Drones from this site.


I received a faulty Hubsan H502E drone. Which is faulty. I opened a complaint ticket then and there. As requested by Leda i also made video and posted. However this Leda is offering me $10 and only motherboard. When a customer gets a faulty merchandise then the company should accept. Leda is just satisfying his or her ego so far. Kindly read the gearbest policies mentioned here as under:

PROS for GearBest Reviews 2016:
With a focus on lovers of gadgets, GearBest provides great technology deals with discounts and sales site wide, along with free shipping on some items and a free one-year repair warranty and lifetime technical support.

Combined with a 45-day money back guarantee, gadget lovers are well treated here. In recent years, they have started to grow into other areas, increasing the scope of their business.

GearBest Promo Code 2016
45 Day Money-Back Guarantee
One Year Free Repair Warranty
Lifetime Technical Support
Track All Orders.

Now the company is not doing what they declare in their advertisement. The drone flies in the air, it will fall when its mechanism is not sound enough to remain airborne. The drone is beyond control since the first flight. The first flight showed that drone is faulty. There has been long debates because of this. I would like to paste the entire conversation between me and Leda. I will remove my address to be in the safer side. When i placed the order i made a request to please do the quality check and send me a fully operational product. It was not so. I complained under the subject Faulty-DOA defective. They offered me $10. Is this some joke? They send faulty products and then offer $10 as refund? I can give the entire conversation between me and Leda if required. I would not recommend anyone to buy any Hubsan Product. I will post it on my youtube channel and my facebook page as well. This is direct violation of the things promised in the advertisement and after sales services. Gearbest is not at all doing what they write on their site. Later they remind about their policies. Why they do not mention this when customer is about to pay money from paypal? Why only when the customer has an issue? I live in Europe. I am not running my family on $84. I will not give up. I want customers to know why they should not buy Hubsan products.

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    Hi Mate
    Did you receive spare parts or hubsan ?

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