GB-130 Small FPV Racing DIY Drone Part 1 Bags

Do you like it ?+2
Do you like it ?+2

GB-130 is a next great DIY kit from Gearbest.  The last one- “Angry hornet ” have o lot of possitive opinions and a lot of users say, that this is a great drone, worth every penny and I am sure that with GB 130 we gonna have  the same situation. Now small drones start to be very powerful like their bigger 200 size brothers. Of course thrust is not enough to mount a extra camera like gopro, BUT on 4s battery and included motors, GB 130 could have so much thrust that in 3 sec will out of FPV range :). The last time I have tested ” Little Beast ” with 4s battery and honestly, this drone has TOO much power ( for me ) It hovers at 15% of throttle. When I push throttle to medium position it disappears some where on the sky, so for sure GB-130 will give same fantatstic fun 😎  .

So what is in this kit ?!

360 image of whole parts:


    Frame is really tiny when we compare it to some bigger drones, but it has great feature . We can mount big size camera like RunCam, so we are not any more forced to use super tiny cameras where we can’t see shit 😎  . One con, bit heavy- 54grams.

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    RS1306 4000KV  are super tiny, but ultra powerful motors. Main shaft is 2mm and NSK bearings ensure crash proof for long time. Literally the best motors for mini drones.

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    DYS 10a XM10A work with 2-3s batteries, but to unleash ultimate from GB130 we need 4s. I already have spoken with GB and new batch of these drones should be with 3s-4s ESC.

    Flight Controller SP F3 6DOF standard one, but it has all features which are needed.

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    Runcam Swift it’s a great, but expensive CCD camera 🙂 Produced picture is very sharp and colorful. It has built-in OSD, so we can easily change camera setting by included pad. Only con is a weight.

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    Small FPV TX with 40 channles and switchable power from 25mw to 6o0mw .

    Aomway antenna is great and crash proof, but quite heavy for this small beast.

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    Props 3045, very stiff and of course BN.

    In this week we will start to build this small quad with big potential. I am quite sure that it will fly great, but we need more power, so after first flight ESC will be changed to some better one :).


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