Drones Help People in Texas during a Flood

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A drone pilot helped rescue four people who were stranded by floodwaters in a Fort Worth suburb Sunday morning.

The drone was used in two separate incidents for two separate reasons, underscoring the versatility of the emerging technology in search-and-rescue scenarios. In an early morning rescue, Garret Bryl, a volunteer drone pilot who works with the Joshua Fire Department in Texas, used his drone to spot a pickup truck that had been swept off the road and into a forest during a flash flood.

Later that day, he used the drone to fly a rope to two people who were stranded in their mobile home. The rope was then used to pass life preservers to the couple, who were later rescued by a helicopter.

TWC used a drone to fix a major cable line taken down by Texas flooding.The line provides a vital communications  for flood victims to stay informed and to stay in touch with loved ones. See how it was done.

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