DJ Mavic, Hubsan H501S and Xiaomi Mi Drone Comparison

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DJ Mavic, Hubsan H501S and Xiaomi Mi Drone are aerophotographic quadcopters. But is these three drones have only common purpose? As always  producers of drones are full of ideas to get the better of competitor and convince customers to buy their products. It’s not a big achievement to buy a drone, but it’s worth to specify your needs and decide what feature in your drone you gonna use and which one is really needed for you. If you are looking for stable, easy to control with great camera on the board  and with cinematic purpose, these three drones-DJ Mavic, Hubsan H501S and Xiaomi Mi Drone, you should take into consideration.

Hubsan H501S

Hubsan H501S

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Hubsan H501S is the cheapest one of these three. It cost 225,99$ in standard version and 287.99$ in professional vesion.  The difference between these two versions is remote controller. In most expensive version the fpv range is increased, but it’s a cost of couple $ to improve it in cheaper version by changing the flat antenna. Hubsan H501S is great value product compare to price and it’s very popular.The users of Hubsan H501S set this drone really good feedback (4.9/5.0) and in case of Hubsan H501S,  it’s hard to disagree with them. It’s very “safe solution” for beginners; easy to control, cheap to fix in case of crash (trust me is hard to destroy Hubsan H501S, but spare parts are easy to buy and cheap) and with HD camera on the board. Recorded by H501S movies look great and despite the fact that H501S hasn’t got a gimbal the jelly effect in not noticeable. Maybe Hubsan H501S doesn’t record movies in 4K like DJI Mavic or more expensive version of Xiaomi Mi drone , but in my opinion for beginners or undecided is enough, a specially for that price.

Hubsan H501S is advanced follower, but unfortunately it hasn’t obstacles avoiding system as DJI Mavic, but we have to realize that Hubsan H501S is older than its competitor DJI Mavic and the technology develops day by day. Hubsan H501S positioning system is based on standard GPS, Xiaomi Mi drone and DJI Mavic system is supported by GLONASS and GPS.

All three drones DJ Mavic, Hubsan H501S and Xiaomi Mi has one key return feature.

Hubsan H501S is very stable drone, capable to hover in one position for a long time. The time of flight is 27 minutes, so in this case it’s not worse than DJI Mavic or Xiaomi MI drone.

Xiaomi Mi Drone


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And if we speak about Xiaomi Mi drone , chinese product has also a lot to offer to its users. Xiaomi Mi drone is perfect mediate drone between DJ Mavic and Hubsan H501S. We can buy Xiaomi Mi drone in two versions; the cheapest one costs 600$ and comes with 1080p camera and the more expensive version with 4K camera on the board ,not available for now… Xiaomi Mi drone gave the users possibility to record in 4K and producer has decided to mount the 3axis gimbal, so there’s no worry that the view will shake and movies are sharp and smooth. The quality of recorded video is should be great, but 4K version of Xiaomi Mi is out of stock on internet shops. But in case of 1080p the quality of recorded video is comparable to videos taken by Hubsan H501S. To see fpv view the user has to mount his smartphone on special holder and use the special app. The flight time is the same like in case of Hubsan H501S -27minutes. The range of control on 1080p version is up to 1km and on 4K version of Xiaomi Mi drone is increased to 2km .

Xiaomi Mi drone has also follow me, tap to fly and orbit modes, etc…

DJI Mavic


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DJI Mavic – the most advanced of these three drones and the most expensive -999$ . DJI Mavic has everything that has these two drones – Hubsan H501S , Xiaomi MI and some extra features. DJI Mavic is capable to record high quality of 4K videos with amazing stabilization , thanks to 3 axis gimbal. As the competitive drones-Hubsan H501S and Xiaomi MI, DJI Mavic is ready to fly for 27 minutes, but the control distance is 7km and this fact makes him a winner of control distance category.

Moreover DJI Mavic has obstacles avoiding system and of course all follow me modes. DJI Mavic is stable, almost impossible to crash drone…

DJ Mavic is also foldable drone- compact and easy to transport. DJ Mavic is a drone for professionals or for everyone who are ready to spend 1000$ for drone, because the price is high not only because the quality. In this case we pay, because it’s a product of “DJI” – the most popular brand of drones.

In conclusion… All these three drones have a potential to be a great aerophotographic quadcopter. It’s hard to say about DJI Mavic that’s affordable and it’s nonsense to convince you that Hubsan H501S is the most advanced. But no matter what budget do you have and how much you are able to spend on drone, think twice about your plans related with aerophotographic. The idea is as much important as an equipment. Your personal needs should decided which one is the best for you…


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