Custom Pids for Realacc X210

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Custom pid settings that reduce prop wash and improve the handling of the quadcopter.
Your flight will be much smoother.

-Works with Dshot,
-Works with Multishot,
-Takes in account 60 gram gopro camera,
-makes flips and tricks very controllable.

Camera Firefly 7S

Eachine VR008
Aomway antenna
Realacc X210 frame
TX526 Video transmitter
TGY-IA6C receiver
devo 7E
Turnigy Graphene 1300Mah 45C
Turnigy Graphene 1000Mah 60C
Zippy compact 1600Mah 35C
Runcam swift IR-sensitive + gopro 2 lens
Firefly 7S
SP racing f3
Kingkong 5040 tri /Dal 5040 tri v2
Racerstar 30A Bl heli D esc
Racerstar 2205 2300KV
Matek PDB

Frame, motors esc’s, props, flight controller:
FPV camera
FPV antenna
FPV transmitter
Transmitter Devo 7E

Find the article on how to build this quad

X210 build

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