Automated industrial drones of Airobotics have permission to fly without a pilot

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Fully automated drones from Airobotics have an officially and the first on the world permission to fly on the sky without a human pilot.

Aerobotics, a company from Israel will revolutionize industry with their new automated drone Optimus. Optimus is fully autonomous drone, thanks to special software, it’s capable to fly for half an hour or land without control of the pilot. Optimus drone will be launched from special airbase. Airbase is also fully automated and controlled by special computer system.

“To control the Aerobotics system, operator doesn’t have to be a professional pilot or have special skills- to start the system or change the command, operator just need to push the righ button”- says Ran Krauss, CEO of Airobotics.

The problem of charging drone has also truly autonomous solution- Optimus drone has mounted robotic arm, wchich can replace the battery without Interference of man.

Optimus drone is also eqiupped with FPV camera and can broadcast live video to the operator.

Optimus drone is modern solution for every industrial . Aerobotics system with Optimus drone will be useful in military missions, inspctions, respond to emergencies, security, prevention, mapping and surveying and will replace the human in dangerous tasks.

Aerobotics plan allows to create faster, safer, more efficient way to improve every industrial envioroment.

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