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If you love RC or you’re a fan of FPV and want to submit your own content, such as youtube videos, articles or even just some commentary about your new drone that you just built or purchase. Let the world know that you exist and submit your content on! Your work means a lot to us! If English isn’t your first language, please, don’t be shy! Great things arise from small acts and we would love to hear what you have to say.

You need to first.

Don’t be worry, sumbit system is super easy to use.

At first, choose one category for you content. On drop down list you can find a lot of categories, so for sure there is one for you.


Now write title – simply write title of your article.

In content – you can write description, also add links to you websites / projects  / social media/ affiliate link / images / videos. Description has to be hand made by you , it’s not allowed to copy/past content/description from shops or other users.

If you want to know more about fast adding images / videos, please check next bookmark ” How to add images and videos” . Also please check bookmark ” Rules “.

Featured image for you post will be taken automatically from first image in your content or from video added to content, but you can also upload your own by clicking on ” select featured image ”

Tags , here please at least add two correct tags. If your article is about ” Eachine racing drone review ” , then tags example could be: ” eachine, racing drone, racing, review  “.

Recheck again whole your content and if everything seems to be as you wish then click submit. Content will be checked by one of admins and published in 24h ( mostly it’s couple minutes ).

To add video from youtube / vimeo etc… please add just simple link, system will autmatically add video and fit it to screen size.


To add images please click on ” Add media ” button then you can easily upload imageby simply drop images on it ( system will automaticaly resize big images , max file size is 10MB ). You Can easily change title and description for every single image ( it will help to proote your content in searchers ). You can also change image size ( for most cases for single image ” Large ” size is best choice, also please always use option Link to ” Media file “.


To add image gallery please click on ” Add media ” then in new window on left top corner please chose option ” Create gallery ” then check more than one image and click on ” Creat a new gallery ” on bottom right corner. In galllery settings please always use option Link to ” Media file “. Next one how many column we want to use, so if you have 3 photos then chose 3, when 5 then 5 , but if you have 6 then best looking style is max 5 columns so use 3 coumns then 6 photos will be shown as a 3 columns and 2 rows. Size, for best look please use :

1-3 images then ” Medium size “, if 4-5 in a coulmn then ” Thumbnail


Content, that you add on website always has some value for positioning in Internet. If you write the word or sentence in “Google search” at first position you will find the most relevant websites with the best matching for word/sentence which you were looking for. What does determinate the order of apperance of websites? The answer is simple- better value of the content on the website. How to create great value of the content? It’s not difficult, you just need to follow couple simple rules:

1.Write an accurate title. The title should contain “Key Words”, that will define in the best way the content of the article and it will position written post on first places  in Google search

For example: If you write article about  racing drone that you’ve built by yourself, the “Key Words” could be: “racing drone”, “drone”, “quadcopter”, “DIY”

If you write the article about cheap drones from Eachine that you recommend to buy, the key world could be: “cheap”, “Eachine”,”quads”,”quadcopters”,”drone”, “bugdet”, “the best”

2.Write an accurate description. After the title the description is the most important. You should also put “key words” into the description and repeat it often.

For example: If write the post about particular model-Walkera Runner 250, you should repeat the name “Walkera Runner 250” in content as often as it possible. Instead writing “This drone is very fast”, try “Walkera Runner 250 is a fast drone” etc.

3.Remember of right tags. If you would like to see your article in “related posts” , always tag your post. It could be your nick.

4. Always make sure that you publish the post in right category.

Created by @rzesa87  😎 understand that your RC is a great hobby, but it can be also source of incomes and we don’t have problem with that. If that’s what you really like and it brings you joy, there’s nothing wrong that you want to earn some cash. Follow the rules below and share your passion and knowlege and take money.

User can add affiliate links from : Banggood / Gearbest /Sharesale / Admitad / etc… .  There is no limit of affiliate links for one article .

User can add links to shops , RC/FPV websites , youtube, facebook, twitter.

User can’t submit copied content from stores, content has to be unique and made by user ( exception are images/ videos ).

User can’t add any kind of links / content to adult / games / virsues /spam / other unwanted webpages/images/videos/files. This is one time warning, if you break this rule your account will be permanently banned and all content can be deleted ( all posts before publishing are fully checked by admins ). respects users and kindly asks for the same. Please follow couple, simple rules written below. We want to create a friendly community and unproper behaviour won’t tolerated. No misunderstand, FPV team will take care of unwanted actions and won’t let to offend anybody.


Users can add affliate links from : Banggood / Gearbest /Sharesale / Admitad / etc… .  There is no limit of affliate links for one article .

Users can add links to shops , RC/FPV websites , youtube, facebook, twitter.

Users can’t duplicates own & other users articles ( we call it ” spamming ” )

Users can’t add any kind of links/content to adult / games / virsues /spam / other unwanted webpages/images/videos/files. This is one time warning, if you break this rule you account will be permanently banned ( all posts before publishing are checked by admins ).

Content/video has to be in english language.

Every added img/video/content & other added by user to can be used by project. User has fully rights to his own content, which can be edited or deleted. is not responsible for any copyright added in content by user. Users are fully responsible for added content . is can improve your article by changing: categories / tags / , also video links and images/galeries . can’t change/edit links added by users.

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